3 Tips For Moving An Elderly Loved One Into Your Home With You

If you have an elderly loved one who you don’t feel comfortable living on their own anymore but is hesitant to move into an assisted living facility yet, you may be considering having them move in with you and your family. And while this can be a great option for all involved, it’s also not something that should be taken lightly. So before you go ahead with this decision, here are three tips for moving an elderly loved one into your home with you. 

Be Sure You Can Provide What They Need

The first thing that you should determine before you move your elderly loved one in with you is the type of care that they need and the quality of care that you’ll be able to provide.

If all your elderly loved one needs is someone else to be around in case they forget something or get lonely, even people working full-time jobs can usually handle this type of care. But if your elderly loved one is needing more care than this, you’ll really need to think about what you’re capable of doing or providing for your loved one while they’re living with you. And if the equation doesn’t add up, you might need to look into some different options. 

Have A Conversation About Expectations

If you and your elderly loved one decide that having them move in with you is going to be a good option for both parties, then it’s time to have a frank conversation about what the expectations are from both sides before this new living arrangement takes place. 

Ideally, both you and your elderly loved one should be able to talk about what you’ll be able to do and what you won’t be able to do for each other. You should also both discuss what you’re expecting out of each other and what boundaries you don’t want to see crossed. This type of conversation can help to save a lot of feelings and even the relationship you have with each other when things might get tough. 

Find Ways To Maintain Their Social Life

One thing that you might not have considered what will change when your elderly loved one comes to visit you is their social life. 

When living on their own, your elderly loved one likely had friends or neighbors who kept an eye on them. But if they move to a different place, their relationships with those people will likely change. And because sociality is so vital for all people, you should try to find ways to help your loved one maintain their social life if at all possible. 

If an elderly person that you love is needing to have a bit more help around the house, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you determine if having them move in with you will be a good choice.