Bad Sleeping Position must be replaced by knee pillows for sleeping

The best sleeping position is sleeping on your back with a straight body.  This position is very good for the health of the spine and neck bones.  In addition, the supine position will provide benefits for skin health.  The skin of the face, neck and chest area will be free from pressure and minimize the occurrence of wrinkles.

 However, you also have to adjust the position of the pillow.  Do not use a pillow that is too high because it will bend the neck forward and make sleeping uncomfortable and trigger snoring.

One more thing to note.  For those who are obese, the supine sleeping position with a straight body is not so recommended.  The reason is, this position can cause sleep apnea sleep disorders, namely breathing stops for a moment while sleeping.  The supply of oxygen to the brain will be hampered during sleep making sleep less quality.

Side Sleep with Cuddle Pillow Between Knees

Have you ever slept on your side by hugging a pillow tightly between your knee pillows for sleeping. Well, this position is very good for those of you who have back pain.  In addition, this position can also improve the position of the bones due to lying on their side too much.

This position should be done with care.  especially for those of you who are feeling severe pain in the back.  Slowly roll your body to the side.  Then bend your knees so that they are in front of you and place a pillow between them.  If there is a gap between the waist and the mattress, add a small pillow to fill it.

Sleeping like a fetus in the womb

A sleeping position curled up like a fetus is the best position for pregnant women.  The reason is, this position can increase the blood circulation of the mother as well as the fetus in the womb.  if the pregnant woman snuggles to the left, it will prevent the uterus from pressing on the heart or liver.  In addition, this position is also highly recommended for those of you who often snore while sleeping.

Sleeping in a crouched position is indeed a favourite for some people.  Especially in cold weather, this position makes the body warmer. Sleeping on your stomach with a pillow under your stomach is often considered the worst sleeping position.  However, this position is very good for those who have degenerative disc disease.  This position will help improve spinal alignment.

You just need to put a thin pillow on your stomach while sleeping on your stomach.  Do not forget to make the position as comfortable as possible, yes.

Sleeping on your back with your arms raised may look “sloppy”.  Well besides that, it can also prevent wrinkles and acne on the face, you know. Sleeping on your side can prevent stomach acid from rising.  The condition of a straight spine will make you avoid complaints of back or neck pain.  In addition, the airway will be more open so that snoring can be overcome.