Career Paths within the Crane Industry

A person who is passionate about becoming a professional in the crane industry has various options to choose from. Big companies such as the Corporate website van Adrighem offer different job opportunities in the crane sector. Not to mention, these are some of the choices discussed to ensure a person makes the best decision backed up with meaningful information.

Career Options

Crane Inspector

On a worksite, crane inspection is a key responsibility aimed at safeguarding the people. The responsibilities entail identifying damages or risk factors that could put workers in danger, and visual as well as operational inspection of rigging, sheaves, hydraulics, drums, among others. Moreover, some of the job roles are preparing reports on non-destructive testing, provide welding points using MOI testing technique, supply lifting accessories such as CCU’s and provide the fall arrest equipment.

Crane Engineer

The engineering jobs revolve around design development and producing products that are user-friendly, state of the art, versatile and powerful. Therefore, there are numerous engineering career paths for instance, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineer. Additionally, these are the duties the crane engineer is expected to perform: preparing and approving test procedures for each mobile crane, provides information about legislation, standards to the crane inspector, the engineer should be involved in the inspection progress to guide the inspector, involved in the training as well as testing the inspectors; and the engineer is informed about defects in the crane systems before repair so that he can guide on proper handling.

Crane Salesperson

The industrial sales specialists are tasked with cultivating along with maintaining customer relationships resulting in generating revenue and promoting repeat business. The crane sales representative should have knowledge in these aspects: administrative, marketing as well as sales knowledge. To begin with the administrative skills, one should keep a record of all calls, provide the company with an accurate sales contract, and inform the management of all developments in a given client base. The other skill set is marketing which entails overseeing the sales pipeline along with creating the territory management plan. The last knowledge the is sale is detailed comprehension of products the enterprise is offering, meeting the sales goals for the assigned territory as well as having an aggressive approach to acquiring new clients.

Crane Operator

The crane operator is responsible for controlling cranes or draglines to move, lift or place equipment, machinery as well as other large objects at railway yards, ports, surfaces mines, industrial sites, among others. Furthermore, the responsibilities of a crane operator entail conducting routine crane maintenance for instance lubricating, inspecting cranes, assembling tower cranes on-site as well as operating cranes to move materials and equipment. Also, the crane operator in the professional field involves working in these types of cranes: mobile cranes, tower cranes, and boom trucks.

Crane Buyer

The crane buyer is hired to provide excellent service in relation to buying the products and services. The purchasing agent in the crane industry plays a crucial role that comprises of buying suitable equipment for a specific task putting into consideration these factors safety regulations, good quality, and optimal productivity. Also, other responsibilities for this job role entail maintenance, storage as well as transport of all obtained equipment in the company.