How To Find The Best Apartment For Rent In Bangkok?

When it comes to finding a condo or apartment for rent in Bangkok, there are plenty of options available with almost 100,000 empty units throughout the city. There is so much choice it can be hard to know where to start, so you may need to do some planning before you start your search for the ideal apartment. Below are some things you will need to consider before starting your search to make it much easier to find your perfect apartment.

How Big An Apartment Do You Need?

If there is only going to be you and your partner living in the apartment, or even just yourself, you will want to select a suitable size property in which you can live. There is no point in getting something that is too big if you are not going to use the space and opting for a smaller unit can save you money or allow you to get something more upmarket. When looking to rent an apartment, Bangkok has something suitable for all tastes and budgets, and you just need to search for them thoroughly.

Your Preferred Amenities

You will also have to think of the amenities that you want in your apartment building, and typical ones that you can expect are a swimming pool, communal gym, and 24-hour security. You may also require a parking space, want a shop’s convenience in the building to get groceries, and maybe even a hair salon or massage parlour, all of which you can find if you look hard enough.

Where Do You Want To Live In Bangkok?

It is also prudent to think about the location you want to live in, and if you have children of school age or are going to be working, you do not want to have too long a commute. Getting around the city can be painful, especially when it is raining, so being close to the BTS and MRT transport links can immensely help your travel around Bangkok.

Your Budget

Another vital aspect which will have a significant impact on the apartment you can rent is your budget, and the further you live outside of the city centre, the cheaper rents are. However, living further out the city will also increase your daily commute, so there needs to be some trade-off with your budget and desired location.

Start Your Search

You can start your search online and use one of the many property portals available to find your perfect apartment, but there are other methods as well you can try. You can try using a property agent’s services to show you what is available, and their service will be free of charge for you as the property owner pays their commission. You can also drive around your preferred areas, look at all the apartment buildings and ask about availability. Most apartment buildings will have an office that will now of any empty units, and they can arrange a viewing for you.