How To Work Safely At Height With Contract Plant Hire

Within the construction industry the numbers relating to fatal injuries that occur due to a fall from height are sobering. According to RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) they accounted for nearly a quarter of all fatal injuries back in 2011/12 and this is a trend that has been seen for many years. Construction always reports the most injuries that are a direct result of falls from height, whether fatal or non-fatal. This highlights the need for careful management when working from height and as the person responsible for managing the safety of contractors working at height is important to not only have the correct regulations and procedures in place, but that you also have access to the best contract plant hire in the UK, allowing you to always use the safest equipment on site.

The safety regarding working at height is regulated by The Work at Height Regulations 2005. These apply to any work at height where there is a risk that a fall could lead to personal injury. Duty holders are responsible for managing the tasks for working at height and choosing the equipment that is used. Working at height must be avoided wherever possible but if it is necessary, the correct work equipment must be used and other measures put in place to prevent falls. Where the risk of a fall cannot be fully eliminated, there must be a concerted effort to minimise the distance of a fall if one should occur. This effort must include equipment and specific measures.

When it comes to working at height, plant hire companies have experience of helping those with the need to work at height. There are different ways you can tackle a task where working at height is necessary, such as working platforms with handrails, or utilising forklifts and other pieces of machinery to reach heights without the need for a human being to work at the height in question. Working with a plant hire company for your work at height needs also means that you have access to expertise that provides you with the latest models of equipment, the safest models of equipment, as well as training, maintenance, and repair of the equipment in question.

Working at height involves great levels of methodical preparation, this includes regulations, plant hire equipment in use and ensuring that contractors are fully trained and understand the processes that must be followed to stay safe without diminishing the performance and standards expected of a task at height. If you are responsible for managing a site where there is work from height required, take the time to understand the necessary requirements, never take a chance with the safety of your site and contractors and ensure you always have a good contact with a plant hire company that can furnish you with the correct equipment to work well and to work safely at height.