Ways to Maintain Your Refrigerator Like a Pro

Breakdown of a fridge isn’t a kind of repair you want to procrastinate on. You may need to call an emergency service if you want to save your groceries from being spoiled. But when you look after your fridge with simple routine maintenance, you can make the most of the fisher and paykel appliance for more than 20 years while keeping it clean and energy efficient.

Keep your refrigerator coils in a good state

Maybe, you are okay with your fridge being a little messy inside, but the hidden mess on the outside can reduce the lifespan of your fridge. Your fridge keeps the food cold with coils, an evaporator coil that sucks the heat inside the fridge, and a condenser coil that pushes the heat outside the fridge. When the coils are covered with dust and debris, the fridge compressor works harder to keep the cooling process stable. This can take a toll and causes a compressor failure that costs a fortune to fix. Cleaning the coils take less than ten minutes.

Keep the drip pan and door seals clean

Before you check the insides of the fridge, many parts that need cleaning or maintenance, and one of them is the drip pan. Today, the fridges need not be defrosted, but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce frost. Nowadays the frost free fridges have small heaters that run on the timers to melt this accumulation periodically. The melted frost flows to the drainage system to the shallow pan at the bottom of the fridge where it can evaporate further.

Refer to the user manual for instructions. In every six months, remove and clean the drip pan thoroughly to remove the odors or bacteria growth. Ensure that the drain hole is clear too. Pet hair can also clog this outlet. Refer to your user manual if your fridge has a connected ice maker or water dispenser as it may have a water filtration system as well. You may also need to order some replacement filters from the fridge manufacturer and replace them in a few months.

Eventually, check and clean your fridge door seals frequently in a year. The folds can accumulate crumbs, and the buildup can affect the seal that the cold air may leak out. With the help of a toothbrush and warm soapy water, clean the seals on the fridge and the freezer.