What Are the Stages of a New Build?

There are several reasons you might be thinking of a new build; it might be the result of years of wealth creation, giving you the golden opportunity to design your own home for your retirement, or it might be that you simply wish to demolish your existing home and build a modern, energy efficient structure.

Let’s look at a typical example to highlight the process of constructing a new home;

  • Land Acquisition – You may already have a plot of land in mind, but if not, the custom builder can source the perfect plot of land (with or without a building). It is important that the land can be built on and the custom builder would check this on your behalf.
  • Knock Down – If there is an old building to be demolished, this would obviously have to be done before any construction can begin. The custom builder has extensive experience with demolishing and removing old structures, sending the old materials to be recycled, which is the preferred disposal method.
  • Surveys – If surveys are to be carried out, this would be the time to do so and there are several types of survey that you might need.
  • Designing the New Home – The established new home builders in Canberra have their own in-house design teams and working closely with the client, they can turn your concept into a set of workable drawings for the building team to follow.
  • Planning Permission – This is another critical stage that the custom builder takes care of, as they have extensive hands-on experience dealing with state officials regarding building approval.
  • Foundations – It might be that the existing foundations are adequate; otherwise, new footings must be installed to support the new structure.
  • Utilities – All utility connections need to be planned in advance and ready to be connected when the time comes.
  • Stages of Above Ground Construction – An agreed timeline ensures the building will be finished on time and you can plan moving in. It is normal for the builder to be paid at specific stages of the project, according to the contract and you would be invited to inspect pre-payment to ensure that everything is as it should be.
  • The Final Handover – This is the day that the client is waiting for, the day when they are handed the keys and invited for a final inspection. Any remedial work that needs to be done would be carried out there and then and of all is well, the project is completed with a final transfer of the remaining funds.

Make sure that you choose a custom builder who has extensive hands-on experience with new builds and you should be very happy with the final outcome.