What Does a Swimming Pool Safety Inspection Involve?

If you are in the process of having a pool built on your property, there will come a time when you will have to contact a state approves pool certification provider in order to obtain what is called a ‘pool compliance certificate’, which is valid for 3 years. In 1992, the Australian government passed the Swimming Pools Act, which has been amended several times.

The Pool Safety Inspection

Finding an accredited company that carries out pool inspections in Stanhope Gardens is not difficult; a Google search is all it takes to locate the website of a local provider. Prior to doing that, you should make sure that your pool conforms with the following:

  • CPR Signage – There must be a sign inside the pool area that clearly shows how to perform CPR on a person. Once again, it’s Google to the rescue and in a few minutes, the sign will be ordered.
  • Inside the Pool Enclosure – The list of items that are permitted inside the pool area include pool cleaning and filtration equipment, fixed water slides and permanent shading. Items not allowed include all forms of furniture, cooking appliance and washing lines.
  • Pool Barrier – The minimum height depends on the size of the pool (check with state website on this) and there can be no gaps larger than 100mm anywhere on the fencing, including the gap at the ground. Glass is the preferred material for pool fencing; it is transparent and easy to clean and your pool contractor would recommend a supplier.
  • Around the Pool Enclosure – There must be a clear zone all around the exterior of the pool fencing; anything inside that area could be used as a climbing aid by a child. This includes natural vegetation and man-made objects.
  • Pool Gate – The entrance to the pool enclosure must have a self-closing mechanism and the latch must be at least 1500mm from the ground. The gate must open outward and hinges need to be capped. Never prop open the gate, especially during the pool inspection!

If you think your pool area complies with the state requirements, call in an approved pool certification company and they will send an inspector at an agreed date and time to carry out an inspection.

If the inspector is satisfied, you will be issued with a Pool Compliance Certificate, which is valid for three months, however, is there are issues, the inspector would issue you a non-compliance notice and when the changes are made, the pool would be reinspected and a compliance certificate issued.