What’s Required To Gain Your Swimming Pool Certification.

If you ask any Australian family, if money was no object, what would they add to their homes, the answer would be most definitely, a swimming pool. The Australian people are outdoors people by nature, and we love to spend time in and around water. A swimming pool is a great addition to any property, and it immediately adds value to it, and if you ever want to sell your property further down the road, having a swimming pool will definitely help to sell it. However, your pool needs to be checked in order to gain certification to prove that it is indeed, safe for you and your family to use. This can provide you with exceptional peace of mind, and allows you to relax and ee your family enjoying your swimming pool.

First, you need to find swimming pool certifiers in Sydney, and then talk to friends and family who have already gone through this procedure, to see who they recommend. Once you have decided on who you’re going to use, the following are some of the things that they will be looking out for.

  • Sufficient depth – If it is your intention to have a diving board or a slide placed around your pool, then the depth of the water needs to be suitable for the use of these two additions. You should always have your slide in the deeper area of the pool, and not in the shallow end, because kids can hit their heads on the bottom of the pool, and this can cause injury, or even death.

  • Pool fence – There should be a fence installed around your pool, that is at least 4 foot off the ground, and it needs to have a locked gate that turns outwards, and not inwards. There shouldn’t be any pool furniture, or any trees close enough to the pool, to allow someone to easily climb over.

  • Cleanliness & hygiene – Make sure that there are no cracks or sharp edges, that may cause people who are using your swimming pool look, to hurt themselves. Check that the ladder into your pool is firmly fixed, and that any bolts or screws, are safely covered up. There should be some rescue devices, and a first aid kit close to the pool.

Once you make any changes that are recommended by your pool certifier, you should be able to get your swimming pool certificate, to show that you have complied with the relevant local laws. Now, you can sit back and relax, and enjoy your swimming pool, but always remember to keep an eye on the kids.